How to use sauna

In the steam bath without a towel: the humid climate in the steam bath promotes the transmission of bacteria and unpleasant odours, so only go barefoot in the steam bath. Small towels to sit on are permitted.

Always wear a towel in the Finnish sauna: For reasons of hygiene, sweat should not be allowed on the wood.

In the sauna without swimwear: The heat radiation in the sauna cabin should reach the skin unhindered and the evaporation of sweat should not be impaired. In addition, it is neither comfortable nor hygienic to sweat in a swimsuit that may also be made of synthetic material. For more intimacy in the sauna, simply wrap a cotton towel around you.

It is important to take enough time for a sauna visit, at least 2-3 hours should be planned. Hectic pace and deadline pressure are absolute opposites of the sauna, after all one should relax there.

Clean your body (shower) and dry it thoroughly before entering the sauna, because dry skin sweats more easily.

10-15 minutes sauna depending on personal well-being, better short and intensive instead of long and lukewarm.

Ideally, the cool-down phase lasts as long as the warm-up phase.

Cooling-down phase: First, cool the airways in the fresh air. Shower with cold water: first arms and legs, then back and torso – from the extremities to the heart. Finally, also the head to avoid headaches.

After cooling off in cold water, the body needs to warm up again to avoid catching a cold. Bathrobe and wool socks support the warm-up phase

Rest phase of at least half an hour to regenerate the body.