We help to save our nature

For us, saving the nature and environment is important: This is out contribution to help, not to produce too much rubbish.

Here are our green points:

  • we heat the water for shower with ca. 30 m² sun panels on the roof
  • our heating works with a central heating system for the whole village of Pfalzen,
    the central heating system is supplied with biological fuel from the near forests
  • the whole house has a 12 cm thick isolation on three sites (except south)
  • all the windows and doors are new, and because of this we reach a better isolation and we save some costs for the heating
  • all the materials at the construction time were recycled (stones, wood, glass ecc.)
  • all the lights in the house are switching on and off automatically
  • we separate accurately all the rubbish in the house in paper, cardboards, glass, plastic, organic, metal, tins, electric/electronic. With this way it remains only a small part of rubbish.
  • charging station for e-cars

With Holiday Pass the you can use all the public transports in our region.