Security measures

Hospitality in a new dress
with much security and engagement:
Your health is important to us.

Our securiy measures are always up to date
last update: 26.10.2021

In coordination with regional and national health and hygiene regulations,

we have taken numerous measures and precautions to guarantee you a safe holiday.



Cancelling conditions

We offer you the highest flexibility for your next vacation and a easy booking system. You can postpone ore cancel your holiday within 7 days befor your arrival, should there still be any official restrictions/travel warnings due to the corona virus. If you have send already a depost, we convert it to a voucher to use for another stay in our hotel.

Hygiene in our hotel

Families and those sharing the same room do not have to maintain the distance of 1 metre. Wearing a mask at the table is not required if the safe distancing of 1 metre is possible. Maintenance of safe distancing at meals – 1 meter from chair-back to chair-back – is guaranteed, though.

Our service staff is equipped with the appropriate safety equipment. And thanks to our reservation system, there’s no need to stand in a queue at the front desk.

In order to ensure a carefree holiday, we provide plenty of means for disinfection, all over the grounds.

Before each arrival of a new guest, our rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The rooms are well ventilated daily while making up the rooms.


Breakfast at the buffet: 7.30 until 10.00 am.

At the buffet we please you to wear a protective mask.

On your table you don’t need a protective mask.

We serve the dinne from 7 until 8 p.m, with a reduced salad-buffet. We serve all the dishes on your table.

On request we prepare you a picknick or a packed lunch (extra charge)


The shops and museums in town have reopened – maintaining the necessary safety

You’ll find enough space within our vast natural landscape to take a deep breath and enjoy your newly gained freedom. Recharge your batteries inside the shelter of our tranquil valleys, expansive high-alpine pastures and rugged forests.

Our lodging facilities also guarantee the space you need. Reception is available anytime and may be contacted directly from the room.
We can also prepare you some packed lunch, to take with you on your excurscion, to avoid people in the local alpine huts.

Check in / Check out

Before arrival, we ask our guests to check, that there are no symptoms at this time that could indicate a Covid infection.

In order to allow for the greatest flexibility possible during your stay, we offer you the option of checking in and out on your own. You keep your room key with you for the entire stay. Contactless payment is recommended.

We ask you to bring your own masks and gloves.